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Embark on an Epic Adventure
The Story

  The scars of war run deep...

     Turning dreams into dark sleep.

This dying planet was once a flourishing splendor.

Wild and free, the countless branches of nature supplied bountiful fruit for all beings of the world to partake, and with every new bite they took, a bigger dream was dreamed. A bigger task taken.  A stronger rival found. A harder battle fought.  And from a higher place we fell.

This is the story of humanity. A humanity that will choose the deep peace of sleep... over the painful, passionate raging fire within dreams.

Lufe Cape

It is a time of wealth on planet Mondrea. More than a decade has passed since the nations of Stalan & Finallia warred for control of the planet’s dwindling resources. Under the silhouette of an astonishing eclipse, a treaty was signed, bringing the two to work as one in an effort to extend the remaining resources for all mankind, while mutually initiating the search for more.


A steady, yet lacking trade now flows, keeping the people satiated and their jealous leaders at bay. War may be long over, but its scars are not fully healed. It is no secret that this attempt at era of peace may be short-lived. The planet’s resources are quickly running dry, rumors surface of piracy, embargoes, and international spies. The two nations deny any such deceit and urge the people to move forward with the yearly Lunea Unity celebration, in hopes this festival of peace will distract them from foreboding, uncertain terror.

Gathering Shadows
Finalia Grand Citadel

This yearly festival, that concludes with a lunar display similar to the one seen years ago, is suddenly disrupted when a mysterious blood-red celestial body appears behind the moon. A militia of cult-like followers claim the "return" of this second moon to be a prophetic godlike presence, and that all must heed to the their command, as all other nations will fall, and their newly formed nation will reign supreme. A new world order has begun. Could this be a dreaded prophecy once forgotten, almost as if purposely erased from history?

On the cliffside outskirts of Western Stalan Nation, in the port town of Lufe Cape, a shipbuilder's apprentice awakens from startling images flashing throughout his sleep. He finds himself suddenly awoken, only remembering certain bits and pieces, as if these visions may be trying to tell him something.

Could this boy, Falco, have rediscovered the ability... to dream?

The history books tell of dreams being very powerful tools used to build and create... but the present reality tells of dreams being nothing more than a fable used to keep kids entertained.  Not one human left on Mondrea could conjure up a simple daydream if their life depended on it. Falco's situation continues to confuse as he reveals his newfound ability to his closest friends, Roz and Wulfi.

On the eve of their graduation, Falco shares the one detail in particular from his dream with his friends... a simple phrase ringing through his head... 

Are You Awake?

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Are You Awake?

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