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DreamersEcho Volume II: FLY Cover Art
DreamersEcho Volume I: RISE Cover Art

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Volume I: RISE

Chapter 0: Are You Awake?

It was once said the human soul could accomplish astonishing wonders with the boundless power of dreams. Now, not a soul left on planet Mondrea could conjure up one if their life depended on it.  In the cliffside port town of Lufe Cape, a young man is jolted awake in the dead of night, remembering only flashes of what might have been and two simple words ringing through his head:  "LEAVE NOW."

Chapter 1: The Moonlight Festival

The annual Lunea Unity Celebration culminates in a final night of festivities, dubbed the "Moonlight Festival," and is concluded with 12 tolls of the Lufe Peace Bell. These boisterous tolls ring throughout the nation, to commemorate the signing of the Unity Trade Accords on midnight, some years ago. The newfound dreamer catches up with his friends at the edge of town. He plans to share his visions with hopes a new future may come.

Chapter 2: The Fourth Toll

The festival is nearing its end. Patrons have one more swig of ale before closing time. Children scramble to the vendors for one last sweet treat. Teens are caught sneaking through alleys for that one special midnight kiss. A fireworks display is being prepared at the top of the bell tower. As midnight approaches, Falco and his friends depart the festival in different ways. Their young ears reverberate with the tolls of the bell.

Chapter 3: Midnight Approach

The town of Lufe Cape is in shock as a mysterious cloaked figure destroys the Unity Bell before its fourth toll could complete. This is not the midnight that a decade of peace promised. Roz's attempts to sleep are violently interrupted as she sees the bell tower destroyed from her bedroom window. Falco and Wulfi are enroute to the abandoned docks south of town to board Falco's new airship and escape the terror unbeknownst to them.

Chapter 4: Fire in the Night

Falco, Roz, and Wulfi have made their escape. Their home town lies behind them, its citizens terrified. They have abandoned any hope of a normal life in exchange to pursue a dream. A surprise guest nearly deterred their maiden voyage, leaving the ship in dire need of repair. They fly on at a cautious pace, in hope a supply dock is in their path. A glimmer of hope shines on the horizon.

Chapter 5: Canyons

The small runaway ship has a new occupant. As the crew gets to know their new member, the enemy fires up a larger ship of their own, using newly procured fuels, a humbled navigator, and a desperate man on a mission. Falco's sleepy head is weighing heavier by the minute at the collapsing pilot's chair. What new bewildering experience awaits him in his next dream?

Chapter 6: To Sleep, To Dream

With a Finalian Battle Cruiser helmed by an experienced admiral of war and an expert tracker to guide the way, Donovan Lennox is hot on the Dreamer's trail.


Those who run hope to find solace in a hidden cave deep below the canyon surface. May a spot of peaceful rest await them within?

Volume I: FLY
Volume II: FLY

Chapter 7: You Are Not Alone

Falco awakens to find himself in a familiar field, before a familiar house. Something about this place brings back memories... Cold, dark memories... Memories that almost seem alien to him.

The shadow of a large battleship is closing in on the crew's location, both high above and deep within the canyons.

Chapter 8: Deadark

Falco finds himself in the hands of the enemy. For the first time, he's face to face with the man who, unbeknownst to him, had pursued him all night to this canyon cliff... Why were they so desperate to meet "the boy who dreams?" Perhaps this new crew could be trusted? And what of the rest of Falco's small crew and vessel? One can hope they at least found some sound rest hidden away from the harsh rays of the desert sun.

Chapter 9: Into the Depths

With all options exhausted, the crew has no choice but to venture deeper in the ancient caves of Deadark Trench. The mysterious Finalian general Donovan Lennox will make sure they never get out.

Chapter 10: Dark Vision

The downed creature seems to be more enigmatic than they originally thought, eager to share visions and answer questions the Dreamer might have. General Lennox and Admiral Wulfiore arrive at the Finalian King's throne room with news of the boy who dreams. The King shares word, unveiling a harrowing vision of his own.

Chapter 11: Ancient Beast

Roz and Wulfi are victims of an ancient trap within the walls of this dark hallway. Falco must dive deeper into these shadowy depths if he is to save his friends. What other surprises will these ruins hold? Admiral Wulfi is sent back to Lufe Cape to ensure the safety of his people, and to squelch any possible uprising as foretold from the King's premonition. However, the General's schemes seem to have much more in mind for the Lufean noble.

Chapter 12: Night Terror

The dank, infested hallways lead to flooded rooms, deeper within the ancient tombs. Falco and his friends will encounter more beasts than they can handle, and a familiar face or two might return, bearing gifts. Lennox's plan seems to be airtight, but even he can't fully fathom the mysterious energies the power of dreams and nightmares exude. What else can he do to ensure the King's vision does not come to pass?

Chapter 13: Unwelcome Eyes

The newly formed group of survivors have set up camp near the crash site of a familiar vessel. Perhaps the new additions to the party can shed some new light on their current dire situation?
The search for answers spans as wide as the coastal cities are far, but Lennox has inbued a more menacing tactic to find what he needs to know.

Chapter 14: Taking Flight

Falco and his new beast familiar have taken to the cold, dreamy night skies. Their connection seems to be rooted deep within the mysterious bridge between their dream energies and the presence of the powerful pocketwatch known as the DreamSeed.

General Lennox seems to have build his own bridge to intercept that connection whenever possible, possibly to see something the book will not.

Volume II: FLY
Volume III: FALL

Chapter 15: Open Your Eyes 

Further chapters beginning with Volume III are released exclusively for Patreon members.

DreamersEcho is an epic adventure comic with music!

Imagine a world forbidden to dream, eons after the promise of Dreams once brought prosperity, evolution, and power to the ancient people of Mondrea. Inspired by the classic sci-fi/fantasy action adventure, elements of steampunk, anime, and role-playing games, DreamersEcho brings a new enthralling tale to life as Falco, a young man stuck in a dead-end town, experiences the first Nightmare.


Created, written, drawn, and composed by JetFalco, this long-form webcomic is currently FREE to read on this website! New pages are typically uploaded several times a week! ...sometimes more, sometimes less...

To get the fullest extent of your reading experience, Jet spends much of his free time (outside of the free time already spent making the comic) composing original atmospheric background soundtracks to accompany your read. Not only does original supplemental music make DreamersEcho stand out as a truly unique comic reading experience, but the music is just as epic as the adventure! Check it out at Jet's Bandcamp. They are also available for purchase on our Store page!

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