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Hey there!  I'm JetFalco and I talk too much.

Some of you might be wondering, is that his real name?  "Jet???"  Well, it's the name I gave myself when I started all this, ...and all this is real. far as I can tell.

My comic, the music, all those YouTube videos. They exist. They're real.  So yeah.  Maybe my name is too.  Trust me, you wouldn't want to know my "real" name anyways.  Most people just shrug me off once they learn what my boring real name is (and it is almost offensive to some people), so let's just say 'Jet' leaves bit more of an exciting, ooh-what's-next impression in its stead.


And who says Jet can't be a real name??  We've all seen Cowboy Bebop and I'm pretty sure I have a cousin with that name (oh now you're thinkin' I stole it?)  Umm...  last I checked, you can't steal or even copyright a first name.  Anyways... with all that out of the way... welcome!

I try my best to be somewhat of an artist when it comes to almost anything.  You'll most likely find me trying to create something new or trying new things every week, so the original content is near limitless over here!  Especially for the Patreon members.  They get it all.


First and foremost, I create the 'Echoverse' - the world built as told through DreamersEcho, my original comic+music experience.  I also make an audiofiction podcast, Mondrea Memories, that tells some supplemental, astounding stories that fill out that world.  Altogether, the ever-evolving DreamersEcho opus is my life's work, a story I've been crafting since I was in eighth grade.

I'm trying my best to make original YouTube content and hope to go full time with that in the near future.  My channel is kind of all over the place, and I hope you'll see that as a good thing... as I do.

I love making videos, filming, editing, crafting stuff, chatting with all of you, and I even enjoy attempts at working on my car... but when it comes right down to it, I'm a human.  Just like you.

I can only do what the day and finite energy allows.

But I believe being human grants you a priceless gift... a story that's never been told.    I'm just one guy trying to tell one that's turning out to be a bit larger than I original thought.  It's my goal to provide you with a few unique narratives in all I do, so with all of my heart that I hope you find joy in everything I have to offer you.
...and hopefully, a few laughs.


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Reach out to me any way you'd like and let's chat!

I make somewhat of a gallant effort to reply to every

single comment, and I'd love to get to know you.