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Our people once dreamed so big, the heavens themselves cried out in jealousy.  From the silver-blue moon to the depths beneath our feet, our world was made our own thanks to the wonderful, boundless Dream. But why, then, has it left us?

A historian in league with planet Mondrea's most powerful regent believes he knows the true reason why our people no longer have access. He will dare to dive deep below the cracking, crumbling crusts of this fragile reality, in hopes to uncover it. The Dream energies the ancients once had will be ours once again.

Mondrea Memories is a companion piece to the epic adventure sound-comic, DreamersEcho. It provides a mystifying prequel to set up the comic, several small sequels to deepen the colors of the comic stories, and even a thrilling standalone series to keep any fans of audio adventures interested in this growing universe.

Listen to it before or after reading the comic, or even on its own, as Mondrea Memories is built like a classic audiofiction podcast.

All episodes available now on YouTube.

Special thanks to Patrons and Supporters! The show would not exist without you.

KalieraFae, JereDere, BlueMoonWolfFire, Codename Seven, Orochi Xiangliu, Scott, Dwarven Workshop, Roughknite, Cartoons By Andie, Chandra Habein, Green Unicorn Art, Dragonchild Graphics, Regan, Art of Jamie Primack, Edward Szynalski, TMC Creative, Neen, Hilda Bane, Sigifredo, Thom Hotka of Nextuus, Kareesh Valendar, Drayton W. Jones.  add your name HERE!

Director, Editor
Donovan, Various
Hazel Renauld
Announcer, Paige, Dolores
King Gregario Brantleigh
Evela Tortian
V. Levinson "Levi" Thatch
Barasanzi "Baras" Flick
Queen Violetta Voltura
Ainsley "Gess"
Admiral Wulfiore
Additional Voice Talent



Special Thanks



Clare Loughran
Kate Sheridan
Brian Stivale
Abbey Bagby
Jeremy Daryl
Jared Colin
Nina Nikolic
Holly Lindin
Aubrey Poppleton
Alexander Doddy

Thom Hotka
Jess Floam
Shiloh Strawn
Dexter Jacobs
Grant Plaster
Anthony Rodriguez
Kris Williams
Falon Echo

Nick Hegre
Iris Z.
Denny O.
Cartoons by Andie
Signature Signa

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