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DreamersEcho Volume 1: RISE. An original sci-fi fantasy adventure about the power of dreams. Includes full 11-song Vol.1 soundtrack!


Our world once thrived. We were a blessed people. We created wonders with the boundless power of dreams. That was eons ago. Now we fear the world is turning on us. That power has faded and not another dream was had... Until now. In the port town of Lufe Cape, a young man awakens from a horrifying vision. Could this be the resurgence of dreams? ...or the coming of the first nightmare? It compels him to embark on a quest to know more. But the shadows of the world are in close pursuit ...and they demand answers.


118 pages. Includes over 15 pages of bonus content and a secret chapter. Includes 11 song soundtrack download code. Autographed physical print copy of book shipped anywhere in the U.S. Other countries, please contact us.

DreamersEcho Vol. 1: [RISE] - SoundComic Package

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