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Cast & Crew

The Team behind Mondrea Memories

Thank you Patrons and Supporters! The show would not exist without you.

KalieraFae, JereDere, BlueMoonWolfFire, Codename Seven, Orochi Xiangliu, Scott, Dwarven Workshop, Roughknite, Cartoons By Andie, Chandra Habein, Green Unicorn Art, Dragonchild Graphics, Regan, Art of Jamie Primack, Edward Szynalski, TMC Creative, Neen, Hilda Bane, Sigifredo, Thom Hotka of Nextuus, Kareesh Valendar, Drayton W. Jones.  add your name HERE!

Director, Editor, Donovan, Various
Production Assistant, Hazel Renauld
Announcer, Paige, Dolores
King Gregario Brantleigh
Evela Tortian
Victor Levinson "Levi" Thatch
Barasanzi "Baras" Flick
Queen Violetta Voltura
Ainsley "Gess"
Admiral Wulfiore
Additional Voice Talent

Special Thanks

Clare Loughran
Kate Sheridan
Brian Stivale
Abbey Bagby
Jeremy Daryl
Jared Colin
Nina Nikolic
Holly Lindin
Aubrey Poppleton
Alexander Doddy

Thom Hotka
Jess Floam
Shiloh Strawn
Dexter Jacobs
Grant Plaster
Anthony Rodriguez
Kris Williams
Falon Echo

Nick Hegre
Iris Z.
Denny O.
Cartoons by Andie
Signature Signa


Thank you all so much for lending your voices, talents, skills, and gifts to the production.

I wish there was an easier, grander way of expressing how lucky I am to know you all.


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