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About DreamersEcho

DreamersEcho is an epic adventure over 15 years in the making!

Imagine a world forbidden to dream, eons after the promise of Dreams once brought prosperity, evolution, and power to the ancient people of Mondrea. Inspired by the classic sci-fi/fantasy action adventure, elements of steampunk, anime, and role-playing games, DreamersEcho brings a new enthralling tale to life as Falco, a young man stuck in a dead-end town, experiences the first Nightmare.


Created, written, drawn, and composed by JetFalco, this long-form webcomic is currently FREE to read on this website! New pages are typically uploaded several times a week! ...sometimes more, sometimes less...

To get the fullest extent of your reading experience, Jet spends much of his free time (outside of the free time already spent making the comic) composing original atmospheric background soundtracks to accompany your read. Not only does original supplemental music make DreamersEcho stand out as a truly unique comic reading experience, but the music is just as epic as the adventure! Check it out at Jet's Bandcamp. They are also available for purchase on our Store page!

Stay up-to-date on the latest pages! Subscribe to the DreamersEcho live feed 
on or through the Tapas app! [Play Store / App Store / Kindle]  (Beware of possible spoilers throughout the new page updates on Tapas!) Follow JetFalco on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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DreamersEcho Volume I: RISE Cover Art
DreamersEcho Volume II: FLY Cover Art
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