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The ALL-NEW DreamersEcho.com!

The new-and-improved DreamersEcho.com is live!

A huge thanks to everyone who supported me through my old website. It was a tough battle trying to get a free website builder to work around long-form webcomic galleries. Usually those kind of things aren’t as easy for sites trying to create an-easy-to-use interface for comic readers… and the host was just terrible, to be honest; too many problems with my domain communicating with the site, and blah blah tech stuff.

Enough was enough! I decided to bite the bullet hard and make an upgrade to something nicer and easier to use.

Little did I know, that learning how to make your website from scratch isn’t a walk in the park. It took some patience, very late nights, and some downright rage to create the beaut that you see now. It’s not the most ideal site for the comic, but honestly, I feel it’s a lot better than the previous one, and a lot more reader-friendly! And in the end, I just wanted to create a more immersive atmosphere to experience the story in a seamless way… and I just wanted to do a little something special for my readers.

So again, I thank all of you who tune in every month or so to find out where Falco and his friends are going next! I know it was tough to endure the painful online-reading experience of the past, but I promise this new site is a lot easier and more fun to use! I foresee a great future for the state of the comic, and look forward to sharing even more with you in every coming month!

So thankful you’re here,