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December’s Page-a-Day Frenzy!

Super sick right now.

Taking a break from working on new pages for this Daily-Page-December frenzy to do something I haven’t done in months…. post a blog update on this site.

November was pretty great, as was most of the Summer and Fall. But I managed to pick up that nasty bug that’s goin’ round right now. Dammit. I was really sure my flu shot would work this year. Issanot so gooda.

Taking an extended break last month made me feel pretty bad, so as I’m (hopefully) recovering, I’m challenging myself to post a page every day this month. And of course after I announce this to the world, I find out I’m being put on a huge super-special, top-secret assignment at work (yes I have a real job, I try and adult when I can)… So we’ll see how that turns out.

Just keepin’ the lights on DE has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever faced. I’ve never been this committed to what is essentially a passion project. As beloved as it is to me, DE hasn’t reached that point where it’s helping pay the bills, so it’s essentially a glorified hobby at this point. Exhibiting at conventions and local art shows has helped pay for those trips and sustained this investment to not fully quit just yet, but I’ll admit, it’s not easy. Some seriously shitty Windows “Creators” updates always conflict with my tablet monitor, making it increasingly difficult to work digitally. Not gonna lie. I hate Windows Pen and Touch updates. They ALWAYS poop all over my tablet monitor drivers and set me back. I’ve found a workaround that will keep me going, but if anyone has any other tech-wisdom, I’m all for it.

Speaking of conventions, I just love them. If I could do this full time, traveling to convention every weekend, count me in. There in a heartbeat. It’s not about making a few bucks, because believe me, convention life isn’t incredibly profitable just yet… the whole reason is you. I absolutely love meeting all of you, sharing stories and art, and just supporting the artist and writer community wherever I can. You guys make it all worthwhile, and while there are some days I just have to kick my own ass and remind myself that “I do DreamersEcho for me,” I’ll be honest… You awesome guys and gals are the real reason.

So with all that ranting aside (sorry btw), I just wanted to let you all know that this December of 2017 is dedicated to all you great readers out there. Whether you’ve been with Falco and the crew since day one, or if this is your first time diving into the adventure, I want all these pages to be exciting, thrilling, and most of all, just …. yours.

I will be posting one new page update every day this month. EVERY. DAMN. Day.