Cast & Crew

The Team behind Mondrea Memories

Meet the director and voice talent responsible

for creating the immersive audio odyssey.


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Kristyn, Jeremy Daryl, Brittany, SilverFox, Chandra Habein, Dwarven Workshop,
GreenUnicornArt, Sigifredo Corral, Jen Sample, Regan Jones, Cartoons By Andie,
Shiloh's Stitches,, Jamie Primack, Dexter Jacobs, Drayton W. Jones, Edward Sznalski

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JetFalco - Director, Donovan, Falco, Bra


Donovan, Various


Creator & Director


Mondrea Memories

  • Was thrust into playing Donovan when he learned how expensive it would be to hire a real voice actor for such a massive part. New show, small budget. Can ya blame him?

  • Plays a few extra characters throughout the show. Guess who.

  • Directs, writes, designs, composes, edits, markets, and more! ...mostly because the show budget started quite small.

KalieraFae - Hazel Renauld.jpg


Hazel Renauld


Production Assistant


Mondrea Memories

  • Plays the brash bounty hunter and most adroit pilot, Hazel.

  • Aspring author, voice actor, and expert pug mom.

  • Founding partner of many JetFalco-based productions.

  • Happily married to her best friend and soul mate.

Clare Loughran - Phaedra.jpg




Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • Plays the mysterious memory watcher, Phaedra.

  • Singer, voice actor, regular actor, and clown. Attended clown school, improv classes, and sings as much as she can!

  • Currently resides in Los Angeles, where she does comedy and hosts a podcast (Inside the Disney Vault).

Kate Sheridan - Announcer, Dolores, Vari


Announcer, Paige, Dolores

Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

Brian Stivale - King Gregario Brantleigh


King Gregario Brantleigh


Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • A 30+ Year Veteran of Stage and Screen, Brian Stivale has accrued over 400+ Professional Credits Internationally.

  • Credits include: Tekken 7, Copycat Killers, Nocturnal Animals, Blade & Soul, Warhammer 4000: Inquisitor, GM, Expedia, Gillette, Yahoo!, Nickelodeon, as well as Marvel's Venom and the Dark Knight Batman himself, to name a few.

Abbey Bagby - Evela.jpg


Evela "Evie" Tortian

Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • A fan of DreamersEcho since the Vol.2 Kickstarter! Excited to join as the voice of the captain herself!

  • Loves Sci-Fi and Fantasy since youth. Honored to bring Evie to life and glory to Finalia!

Jeremy Daryl - Levi.jpg


Victor Levinson Thatch


Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • The voice of Leftenant Victor Levinson Thatch, "Levi" for short.

  • A lifelong student of life, cleanliness, flying, photography, walking, vocals, acrylic pour, and respect.

Jared Colin - Baras.jpg


Barasanzi "Baras" Flick


Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • The voice of BaRe-AsS, *ahem* Baras.

  • Bodybuilder, musician, and aspiring actor.

  • Used to live in Los Angeles, and once hung out at a bar with Winnie the Bish from "New Girl."

Nina Nikolic [KidKerrigan] - Queen Viole


Queen Violetta Voltura


Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • Voice actress and Twitch streamer from Melbourne, Australia.

  • In 2019, she began lending her voice talent to games, audio dramas, and apps.

  • Her goofy sense of humor and inclusive spirit has nurtured an incredibly diverse and tight knit community.

Ainsley - Holly Lindin.jpg




Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • Professional singer, songwriter, visual artist, and voice actor from Salt Spring Island, British Colombia.

  • Also enjoys knitting, going to the beach, and researching world events and deep topics of spirituality and consciousness.

  • She lives with her beautiful partner and chatty feline daughter.

Aubrey Poppleton - Virgil.jpg




Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • Voice actor for Virgil in Mondrea Memories.





Voice Actor

Mondrea Memories

  • Voice actor for Admiral Wulfiore in Mondrea Memories.

Additional Voice Talent

Gerald, Homeless Man, Bar Patron, Soldier

Bar Patron, Station Guard, Soldier


Station Guard, Soldier


Bouncer, Soldier


Kaliera [child], Various Bar Patrons




Additional Production Assistance

Music: "A Need to Fly"

Hazel Renauld Color Design

Various Bar Patrons

Music: "Above Memory"


IrisZ. & DennyO.

end credits cameo

"A Foolish Dream" vocals


Thank you all so much for lending your voices, talents, skills, and gifts to the production.

I wish there was an easier, grander way of expressing how lucky I am to know you all.